In America

In America


Diana Goetsch’s eighth collection of poems, her first since coming out as a trans woman, introduces us to another country, where an airport, a Starbucks, a family dinner are as confounding as the riddle of the Sphinx. Maybe the answers to how to navigate America are in plain sight, spelled out in a pop song or on a milk carton. Maybe we’re destined to be tumbleweed, “drifting from nowhere to nowhere” in no man’s land. Through it all, Goetsch remains who she’s always been—essentially a love poet, patrolling the shadowlands for what can be redeemed.

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Title:In America
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook

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  • Jimmy

    One of the runner-ups to the 2017 Rattle Chapbook prize. Here are links to two poems I liked:

  • Drew

    There's a welcome directness in Diana Goetsch's poetry too often missing in contemporary verse. This is a writer who confronts her subjects head on and then goes deep, whether she's describing a "tran...

  • Alarie

    (2017 Rattle Chapbook Prize Selection) This chapbook chronicles Goetsch’s experiences in coming to terms with being transgendered and society’s frequent inability to come to terms with it. The tit...

  • Frank Mundo

    “In America” by Diana Goetsch, is amazing. I got it for free with my subscription to Rattle Magazine. I really enjoyed almost every poem in the collection. “Lock on my Door” was my favorite pi...

  • Kent Winward

    Accessible and at times poignant. I think I actually enjoyed this "Runner-Up" in the Rattle Chapbook prize, more than Taylor Mali's Whetting Stone. But does all poetry these days need a shtick? Suicid...

  • Nicole

    Very powerful yet casual and direct poetry. I didn’t realize until after I finished reading that this is her first poetry collection after transitioning. Got this with my Rattle subscription and I t...

  • Naomi Ayala

    Uniformly, one of the best books of poetry I read this year....

  • Kenny Chaffin

    I received this chapbook with my Rattle subscription and all I can say is WOW!Incredible and fresh poetry! I love it!...

  • Ellen!!! This is an incredible, powerful collection of poetry. I love Diana Goetsch's direct, honest style. It grabbed my attention, and held me, transfixed, from cover to cover.!...

  • Catherine Conley

    A moving collection. Some really powerful poems. Worthwhile. My favorites: "Whole Lotta Love," "Elton John," "Fedora," and "Irish Goodbye"...