Rebel: My Life Outside the Lines

Rebel: My Life Outside the Lines


The legendary icon tells his story—a tale of art, passion, commitment, addiction, as intense and hypnotic as the man himself.

In a career spanning five decades, Nick Nolte has endured the rites of Hollywood celebrity. Rising from obscurity to leading roles and Oscar nominations, he has been both celebrated and vilified in the media; survived marriages, divorces, and a string of romances; was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine; and suffered public humiliation over his drug and alcohol issues, including a drug-fueled trip down a “long road of nothingness” that ended in arrest.

Despite these ups and downs, Nolte has remained true to the craft he loves, portraying a diverse range of characters with his trademark physicality and indelible gravelly voice. Already 35 when his performance in the 1976 miniseries Rich Man, Poor Man launched him to stardom, Nolte never learned to play by Hollywood’s rules. A rebel who defies expectations, an obsessive method actor who will go to extremes for a role (he lived among the homeless to prepare for Down and Out in Beverly Hills), Nolte is motivated more by edgier, more personal projects than by box office success. Today he is clean yet still driven, juggling a number of upcoming works and raising his young daughter.

A man who refuses to hide his mistakes, Nolte now delivers his most revealing performance yet. His revealing memoir, filled with sixteen pages of color photos, offers a candid, unvarnished close-up look at the man, the career, the loves, and the life.

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Title:Rebel: My Life Outside the Lines
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  • Brian Joynt

    This is essential reading for fans of the legendary actor, but while Nolte does offer some interesting stories and narrative beats about his life and some of his films, the memoir seems to lack the de...

  • Jimilee Allen

    I read it in one day. I enjoyed it very much. His stories about his life and honesty was great to read. Not trying to hide his feelings or up and down past. True original in the acting world! ...

  • Ric Evans

    i thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I must admit to being a bit surprised. I've always liked Nick Nolte, ever since I saw him in "Rich Man Poor Man" when it was on ABC back in the day, but I never ima...

  • Wynn

    Nick Nolte become an actor because real life was hard for him as a young man who only wanted to play football. I enjoyed reading about his journey to Hollywood via the many theatre groups and a couple...

  • Joseph M. Tanis

    Terrific read about one of Life’s true “characters”First , I really appreciate Nick Nolte as a fine actor. This is a great read and I recommend it to anyone looking for a vigorous story....

  • Carol

    I really enjoyed this tell-all, warts and all, from this intense actor. The insights into his decisions and mistakes were fascinating and, at times, heartbreaking. A gifted athlete, he fell into actin...

  • Karen Malkin

    I enjoyed reading about Nick Nolte . Both his personal and professional life. He seems like a down to earth person and tells it like it is. He has had a fascinating career and I have enjoyed his many ...

  • Liz

    Good and honest....

  • Anna

    Is it possible to give zero stars? ...